Suit Up – Week 1

Need to Know
Suit Up with God’s Armor

Bible Story
David and Goliath: 1 Samuel 17

Praise & Worship

Father, we come to you in the name of Jesus. We thank you for your Grace and mercy in our lives.
We thank you for the price that Jesus paid for us on the cross. We thank you that at the cross our fear was swapped for Your peace, our sickness for healing, our weakness for Your strength.

We thank you that we are forgiven by You. We thank you that we can come to you and say that we are sorry for all the times that we forget about You and that we don’t listen to what you are telling us to do. We thank you that we can know that our sins have been thrown into the sea of forgetfulness.

We thank you that as we will now explore your Word, that it will wash us clean and help us to understand where we need You to help us to submit to You and Your Word. We thank you that we are not just hearers of the Word but also doers of the Word.

We praise you! Your lovingkindness is better than life. You are the author and finisher of our faith. You are our shield and our strength and we can hide in the secret place of the most high during our time of need.

Lord open our ears and soften our hearts while today’s lesson is sown into our hearts. Transform us and change us. Let the fruit of Your Spirit be seen in us, as we are transformed by Your Word.

In Jesus mighty name


Ice Breaker
When the do does not fit
PUsing oversizes shoes give the kids one oversized shoe Per child. Let them have a race, If the shoe falls off you need to start over. See who gets to the other side the quickest.

Why was it hard to run in those shoes? (Wait for kids to answer) Yes, because they did not fit. Did you know that David also had a problem with shoes that did not fit him? Let’s watch the story.

David could fight Goliath because he wore the full armour of God. But what should we do when sometimes it feels like armour does not fit As well? What can we learn from David about those times when we feel like we have Nothing to protect us from the things that can make us scared.

Learn Humility: David’s victory is really God’s victory!

Goliath fought with strength and dominated his enemies with his enormous size. David relied on what he had learned while he was a shepherd.

  • He learned total dependence on God! David was alone out on the hillside.
  • He learned humility. Shepherds were not respected! His brother’s mocked him.
  • He learned to be skillful with his slingshot! Sheep are dumb animals and they needed protection.
  • He learned to have a relationship with God! He played his harp and wrote songs (Psalms)

David tried on Saul’s armor and it did not fit. Armor back in Bible times was made to fit the warrior exactly. Saul was a tall adult man while David was a young boy who hadn’t grown to full stature.

Even though David’s older brothers mocked him and were too fearful to fight Goliath themselves, he was willing.

I can see a funny picture of David with a huge helmet, heavy mail armor, and an oversized sword.

David couldn’t even walk in the armor!

The first thing when the armor doesn’t fit, is to be insignificant. To be humble. David had learned these lessons from God when he was alone and totally relying on God’s protection on the hills as a shepherd.

He didn’t need the armor to provide him with protection when God had protected him without heavy armor!

Your Own Strength Is TOO Heavy- Take it Off!

Saul’s armor was extremely heavy and made it impossible for David to walk.

Too often we try to walk in our own strength instead of walking with Jesus in faith. Our own strength is too heavy just like Saul’s armor.

David tried to walk but couldn’t. He told Saul that he couldn’t wear it because he had not tried or ‘proved’ it. Saul had been living in his own strength and that was what made his reign as king so disastrous.

David had tried walking by faith in the wilderness and it had proved to work. He wasn’t going to put on something that wasn’t going to work!

Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin
Saul’s armor was made to fit him not David. You must wear your own armor and not armor made for someone else!

You have your own personality and God has created you to serve Him in a unique way. You weren’t designed by God to be me or another sister in Christ.

You are you and God created you for a special purpose that only you can carry out.

David did put on armor but it wasn’t physical armor like Saul’s cumbersome armor. He wore the invisible armor that God prepared just for him like in Ephesians 6:1-20

Activity – Colour In

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