Mystery Manor – Week 8

Mystery question: Is Heaven Real?

Need to Know: Heaven is a real place for people who believe in Jesus!

Bible Story: Heaven; Revelation 21-22

Memory verse: But without faith (cover eyes) no one (shake head) can please God. (Point up) We must believe (hand over heart) that God is real (nod head) and that He rewards everyone (hands out in front) who searches for Him. (Point up) Hebrews 11:6

Preparation: (Pictionary)

Please have the following ready for after the lesson:

  1. Paper or Board
  2. Pencil or Marker
  3. Bowl


Welcome back to our MYSTERY MANNER series everybody, I hope you are having fun in our series… YAY! Get ready for the exciting Mystery today. I know this is sad, but today is our last day at Mystery Manor.

So get set! Ready? Let’s catch up with Stevie and Parker. HERE WE GO!

Story time:

Stevie entered the study followed by Parker. He looked around confused “wait a second! What are we doing back in the study? Isn’t this where we started this whole search for clues in the first place?”

Parker was very paranoid and started looking behind him as if something was there. “Stevie, I still don’t trust that hidden staircase. Someone could have followed us in here! I felt like the eyes of the people on the paintings were watching me! Plus I KEPT HEARING FOOTSTEPS!”

“Don’t be ridiculous Parker, those are your own footsteps! Remember? You wanted to walk as loudly as you could so you could scare away rats?” The staircase led the cousins up to the study where they has started their whole search for clues. Stevie was kind of upset because he couldn’t understand why the last clue that they’ve found led them back to the study, he says that they’ve found all the clues the in the study. Could it be that they were out of clues? “Well Stevie, we’re not out of clues yet, okay, so here’s the whole clue- you will see after looking among the rocks not all the rooms have doorknobs and locks. What once you could not see, now look again. To find the reward most sought after by all men- Then it has a list of numbers. I’m not sure what those are about”.

Both Stevie and Parker looked around the room to see what they could’ve possibly missed. “Stevie that’s it! The telescope. At first we couldn’t see what it was pointing to, but now we can! We should look through it again!” Parker rushed over to the telescope to look through it that made Stevie who was standing on the other side of the study, very excited to have his turn to look through the telescope. Uninterested, Parker moved away from the telescope. “Just some stars, it’s not a clue or anything”. The telescope was pointed toward the Orion Hemisphere of the sky, which meant that starts 40 through 200 are over in that direction. Parker looked through the journal which he had underneath his cap and paged to page number 2. The numbers on that clue were all between 40 and 200. “Parker that’s amazing! The next clue IS in the stars! Great Grandpa Pis-Paf left us a clue using those numbers. I bet if we can chart those stars, they will lead us to the next clue”. Parker was very confused and wondered how they were going to chart starts. Stevie then took out his star chart and pen and suggested that they use that to chart the starts.

“Here’s what we’ll do. You see how the numbers are in little groups? You can read each group, and then I’ll tell you what to record on the star chart, by using this star projector, it will help us project the star numbers so that I can see them better. Now are you ready Parker? Read me the first set of the numbers please”. The first set of numbers Parker read was 41, 47, 62, 44, 58 and that back to 41.

“If we connect all those numbers on the star chart it gives us the letter B, the next set of numbers 81, 57, 60,76,60,63 and 87 gives us the letter E”. The next set of numbers Parker had read were pretty short, 81, 87, 111 which had led them to the letter L.  After getting the letters B, E and L, they only had four more sets of numbers to go. “The next one is another short one Stevie. It’s 105 and 111”. Those two short numbers gave them the letter I. Excitingly Parker read the nest set of numbers, “137,113,116, 132, 116, 119 and 143, that’s the letter E again”. Parker had to read the last set of numbers before putting the letters together. So far they have the following letters B, E, L, I, E. “Let’s find out! We’re on the next to last set of numbers which is 137, 159, 169”. That set of numbers gave the letter V. “We’re very close Stevie, let’s do the last one! 193, 169, 172, 188, 172, 175 AND 199”

“ALLLLL riiiiighhhhhtttt Parker… we just gotta get all of those connected!” Very excited about seeing the clue Parker reads “the next letter is an E, the word Stevie!”

“That’s an interesting clue for Great Grandpa Pif-Paf to leave us. If he left us a clue that spelled out BELIEVE in the sky, I wonder what he believed”


“Woooaah. You know Parker, I think there was more to that clue than we first thought. It said something about looking at what we cannot see and that’s where we’ll find reward”


“Right. So we looked through the telescope”


“Yeah, but I think that Great Grandpa Pif-Paf was wanting us to see that when we believe that Jesus paid the price for our sins and that God raised Jesus back to life, then we get the reward of Heaven, which is greater than any other reward on earth!”


“Oh yeah! I get it! So basically, Great Grandpa Pif-Paf left us all these clues so we could learn what it means to have faith and believe in Jesus!


“And I must say, we did a pretty good job”.


“Yeah…you can just call us expert detectives”


There IS one thing that still confuses me, though. Great Grandpa Pif-Paf died several years ago. So how did he send us those letters to get us started on this whole mystery-solving adventure anyway?”


“Oh, I never thought about that! I just jumped at the chance to find clues that Great Grandpa Pif-Paf might have left for us. But now I can see how that doesn’t make sense”.


“AHHHHH! Who was that?”


“I don’t know! Maybe there’s something creepy about this old abandoned mansion after all! Wait…was that Jeeves’ voice? Great Grandpa Pif-Paf’s butler?”


“So it was Jeeves who sent the letters to us?? Wait, so do you think he’s been here this whole time that we’ve been searching for clues?”


“I don’t know! But he must have known that we were ready to solve this mystery! Who knew Jeeves had such an adventurous side? What I remember from when we were little is that he was always telling us to stop running in the hallway and yelling in the house”


“I know! But he also thinks that Great Grandpa Pif-Paf might have had more mysteries for us to solve! I wonder what that means!”


I don’t know, but let’s go find out! Jeeves, wait for us!”

Oh my word! More mysteries? I wonder what kind of mysteries Jeeves was talking about! I hope we get to join Parker and Stevie again someday as they investigate those mysteries! Now let’s review what we learned today.


  1. Who got to see what heaven would be like? (John)
  2. True or False: John saw a NEW heaven and a NEW earth. (True)
  3. How will heaven be different from earth? (No pain, dying or crying)
  4. What did the city of heaven look like to John? (The city was full of light with walls, gold streets and gates with angels)
  5. Who are the people who will be in heaven (Only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life- the people who believe in Jesus)
  6. How can we know heaven is real from this story? (John got to see it and he wrote about it so that we can know it is real)

So here’s what we need to know today:

Heaven is real for people who believe in Jesus!

REPEAT MEMORY VERSE; but without faith (cover eyes) no one (shake head) can please God. (Point up) We must believe (hand over heart) that God is real (nod head) and that He rewards everyone (hands out in front) who searches for Him. (Point up) Hebrews 11:6


Heavenly Father, thank you for making heaven a place that is too wonderful to imagine! Thank you for the promise of heaven for people who believe in Jesus and your love for us! Amen.

Game time

How to play:

  1. Write down different words on pieces of paper and drop them in the bowl.
  2. Ask your child to pick up the pieces and draw it on the board without telling you what it is. Alternately, you can draw, and he can guess.


You can make this game more fun by having groups and competing against each other.


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