Circle Up:

Use this time to gather together and get everyone talking.


If you had your own TV show, what would it be about?


As we watch today’s show, we’re going to see someone deal with feeling mad and angry. When we feel angry, God helps us by giving us something called self-control. So here’s what we need to know today — say it after me:

Elementary (ES)
When I Feel Angry,  (palms on cheeks)
God Gives Me Self-Control (reach forward and pull fists in)

Preschool (PS)
When I Feel Angry,  (palms on cheeks)
God (point up)
Helps Me (hands in front, palms up)



Here are three awesome videos that will get you and the kids moving and worshiping in no time:


Watch today’s Preschool and/or Elementary video here below:

What makes you feel angry? Which one of these would help you deal with your anger?

• Pray
• Walk away for a few minutes
• Take 10 deep breaths
• Yell into a pillow
• Read the Bible
• Run some laps or do jumping jacks
• Talk to someone older who follows

Is it OK to feel mad? (Yes)
Is it OK to do wrong things
when you are mad? (No)
Who can help you do the
right things when you are
mad? (God)

Have Fun Together

Construct an “Anger Tape Measure” to help your child explain their feelings when they are mad or angry.


1. Grab five sheets of paper and number them with large numbers one through five.
2. Tape them together vertically with number one at the bottom and number five at the top. This is your anger tape measure!
3. Ask your family where their anger would measure up to on the tape measure in the following situations — the higher the number, the more angry you feel. Talk about ways they can have self-control in these situations.
• When someone takes something that belongs to them
• When they get in trouble or get a bad grade
• When they lose a game
• When they don’t get to do what they want to do
• When someone yells at them or says mean things
• When they are hungry
4. Hang your anger tape measure some place you can easily see and use it.


Practice saying the series memory verse together a few times, and then play a game. Find something that spins, like a fidget spinner, top, or bottle. Spin the item and see if your family can say the verse together before it stops:


Elementary (ES)
But even if we (thumbs to chest)
Don’t feel at ease, (cross arms)
God is greater (point up)
Than our feelings (pat heart)
And He knows everything. (arms out wide) 1 John 3:20 (make book with hands)

Preschool (PS)
God is greater (point up)
Than our feelings (pat heart)
And He knows (point up)
Everything. (arms out wide)
1 John 3:20 (make book with hands)


Jesus, thank You for loving us when we’re scared or worried about being perfect. We know that You are with us and ready to help. We love You! Amen.