Main Teaching Principle of Series:

Best Day Ever At Home is a three-week series created to do as a family at home. It will help kids learn why Easter is the best day ever and how every day can be the best day ever when they are following Jesus!

Each week includes a family lesson that parents can use at home with both preschool and elementary kids, as well as a preschool video and an elementary video that will show kids how God promised to make a way for us to be friends with Him forever, how Jesus was God’s plan for fulfilling that promise, and how that makes Jesus the best ever!


1. Gather your kids, and tell them how excited you are to have church with them at home today.

2. Remind your family of last weekend’s Easter celebrations. Tell them that you are having a throwback Sunday.  To kick off your lesson you’re going to play a game!

Gather an Easter egg (or ball) and a spoon. Have each family member choose a number between 1-6 and then do
the following based on the number they choose:

1 – Try to roll the Easter egg (or ball) down their arm

2 – Toss the Easter egg (or ball) and catch it two times

3 – Give the Easter egg (or ball) a roll and see how far it will go

4 – Carry the Easter egg (or ball) on a spoon to the nearest door

5 – Balance the Easter egg (or ball) on your head while the family counts to five

6 – Hold the Easter egg (or ball) and hop like a bunny six times

3. Then say:

• That was a fun way to celebrate the Best Day Ever, but why do you think Easter is the best day ever?
(Easter is when we celebrate that Jesus came back to life)

• Yes! At Easter, we celebrate that Jesus came back to life after He died on the cross to take the
punishment for all the wrong things we do. Because Jesus did this, our friendship with God can
be fixed forever! That makes Jesus the best ever! So let me hear you say this after me:

Jesus Is (both hands point up)
The Best Ever (two thumbs up)



Here are two awesome videos that will get you and the kids moving and worshiping in no time:


Watch today’s Preschool and/or Elementary video here below:



Afterwards, ask your family:

Why did Jesus die on the cross? (To take the punishment for all the wrong things we do)

What makes Jesus the best ever? (He came back to life, He saved us from our sins forever, He fixed our
friendship with God)

Did Jesus say that anyone who believes in Him will be saved? (Yes) That’s the best news ever! (If your child says they believe in Jesus and are interested in making a decision to follow Him, check out the
Salvation Video and the Salvation-Baptism Card below the lesson.)



1. Have your kids go on a scavenger hunt to find the following items and bring them back to you: something yellow,
something black, two small sticks (or something that could make a cross shape), a flashlight (or candle), a rock,
and something that makes noise.

2. Once your family has collected the items, place all of the collected items in front of your family. As you read each
of the following, have your family find the object(s) that matches what you are discussing.

• This is the color of the sun. (Something yellow) Yellow makes me think of the golden streets in
heaven. God loves you so much and He wants all of us to be with Him in heaven one day.

• Now find something that is the color of the night sky. (Something black) This looks dark and reminds
us of sin, or the wrong things we do, like telling lies or being mean to our friends. Each of us has sin
in our hearts and that sin breaks our friendship with God. But God had the best plan ever to fix our
friendship with Him!

• Can you find the two sticks and put them in the shape of a cross? God sent His Son, Jesus, to die on a
cross and take the punishment for all wrong things, or sin, that we do.

• Now find something that helps us see when it’s dark. (Flashlight or candle – Turn the lights down and
turn on the flashlight or light the candle) After Jesus died on the cross, the Bible tells us that the sky
was dark from twelve o’clock noon to three o’clock in the afternoon.

• After Jesus died, they put His body in a tomb and closed it shut with a big rock. (Allow kids to find the
rock) After He had been in the tomb for three days, Jesus came back to life! (If your lights are still
down, turn them back on)

• Let’s celebrate because it was the best day ever — Jesus was alive! (Create noise with whatever you
collected that makes noise)

3. Have your child repeat the Need to Know after you with motions:

Jesus Is (both hands point up)
The Best Ever (two thumbs up)



1. Say: There’s a verse in the Bible that we can learn to help us remember that Easter truly is the best day
ever because of what Jesus did for us! These are the words the angel said to Jesus’ friends when they went
to where he was buried:
“He is not here! (shake head “no”)
He has risen, (two thumbs up)
Just as He said He would!” (cup hands around mouth)
Matthew 28:6 (make book with your hands)

2. Practice saying the verse together a few times, having your child repeat each line with the motions.

3. See if your child can tell you the verse without any help, and give them a treat for working hard to memorize it!


Ask your family what they want to thank God for and what they want to ask Him to do. Listen to any concerns your
child expresses without interruption. Then pray the following over your family:

• Father God, we thank You for (all the things your family mentioned).

• We also thank You for sending Your only Son, Jesus, to live, die, and come back to life so that we can
be saved from our sins forever!

• Father, we ask You for (all the things your family mentioned).

• And we ask that You would help us remember that every day can be the best day ever because of

• In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


1. Do the activity sheets for your child to complete. Coloring Sheets

2. Here are a few more ideas for your family:

• Make today feel like the best day ever! Have an Easter egg hunt in your yard, cook a special meal full of
your family’s favorites, eat on fancy plates, play games together, or even let your kids dress you up!

• Have your kids create a resurrection garden with Legos or things they can find outside (grass, rocks,
flowers, sticks, and a small cup or flower pot)

• Play “Telephone”
– Start it off by whispering a funny phrase to the family member beside you such as: Easter bunnies
like to eat purple carrots.
– Have every family member whisper the phrase they hear to the next person sitting beside them.
– Have the last family member say the phrase aloud. See if the phrase stayed the same or if it
– Play again, allowing your kids to take turns coming up with a funny phrase to pass.

3. Create more discussion with your older children by asking:

• What did Jesus do for you and me?

• How does knowing that Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for the wrong things that you
do change the way you live every day?

• When you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, what happens for you and to you? (You’re
forgiven forever, your friendship with God is fixed, God promises you will live in heaven and never die,



Salvation Baptism Card