Main Teaching Principle of Series:

Best Day Ever At Home is a three-week series created to do as a family at home. It will help kids learn why Easter is the best day ever and how every day can be the best day ever when they are following Jesus!

Each week includes a family lesson that parents can use at home with both preschool and elementary kids, as well as a preschool video and an elementary video that will show kids how God promised to make a way for us to be friends with Him forever, how Jesus was God’s plan for fulfilling that promise, and how that makes Jesus the best ever!


1. Gather your kids, and tell them how excited you are to have church with them at home today.

2. Have every family member answer the following question: If you were planning the best day ever, which would
you choose …

• Eating a big marshmallow peep or a giant jelly bean for lunch?
• Getting a pet duck or a pet chick to live in our home?
• Finding eggs filled with money or finding eggs filled with candy in your backyard?

3. Then say:

• It would be fun to plan the best day ever! Did you know that God has a plan just for you? He does! It
is the best plan ever! Let me hear you say this after me: (Pause to let your kids repeat after you)

Elementary (ES):

God’s Plan (make book with hands) Jesus Is (both hands point up)

Preschool (PS):
Is the Best Ever (two thumbs up) The Best Ever (arms above head, wiggle fingers)



Here are two awesome videos that will get you and the kids moving and worshiping in no time:


Watch today’s Preschool and/or Elementary video here below:

Afterwards, ask your family:

1. ES Only: Did God have a plan for His people? (Yes) What was God’s plan? (To send His Son Jesus to pay
for our sins and fix our friendship with Him) Why was God’s plan the best plan ever? (Because it was
saving people from their sins forever and made a way to fix our friendship with God)

2. PS Only: Were the people excited to see Jesus? (Yes) What did they shout when they saw Jesus?
(Hosanna!) That means “Save us!” They knew Jesus was the best ever and that He had come to save



1. You will need the following items to create a game to help kids to remember that God’s plans are the best!

• Something to write on (paper, dry erase board, or chalkboard)
• Something to write with (pencils, crayons, markers, dry erase marker, or chalk)

2. You will draw each item below, and allow your family to guess what it is. Once they guess correctly, read the
section that goes along with what you just drew.

• Scared face: Have you ever felt scared or nervous? (Allow response) Sometimes it can feel scary when
things happen around us that we can’t control. But we can trust that God has a good plan for our
• Family: Who can you talk to when you don’t know if God’s plans are good or you have a question
about Jesus? (Allow responses) We can always talk to God. And God gave us each other, as a family, to
talk with also.
• Trash can: If you had plans for how to build a fort, would you throw the plans in the garbage or read
them closely? (Read them closely) Yes! Just as you don’t build something without using a good set of
plans, God doesn’t want us trying to build our life without using His best plans! The Bible tells us
God’s best plan for us, so we should read it often.
• Cross: Did Jesus die on the cross for the sins of one person or for everyone? (Everyone) Yes! Our
friendship with God is broken because of sin, or the wrong things we do. So God made a plan to fix
our friendship with Him, and that meant Jesus would die on the cross to take the punishment for the
sins of all people. God’s plan was the best ever because Jesus made a way for us to be friends with
God forever!
• Easter Basket: What makes Easter the best day ever? (It’s when we celebrate that Jesus came back to
life, it’s when Jesus made a way to fix our friendship with God forever)
• Phone: Who is someone that you can tell about Jesus? (Allow response) What God planned for Jesus to
do for us is the best! It’s too good to keep it to ourselves! You could invite the person you mentioned
to watch church online at home next week to hear more about Jesus and God’s plan for them!

3. Have your child repeat the Need to Know after you with motions:

Elementary (ES):

God’s Plan (make book with hands) Jesus Is (both hands point up)

Preschool (PS):

Is the Best Ever (two thumbs up) The Best Ever (arms above head, wiggle fingers)


1. Say: There’s a verse in the Bible that we can learn to help us remember God’s special plan to fix our
friendship with Him. Jesus lived, then He died on a cross to take the punishment for our sin, but He didn’t
stay dead! These are the words the angel said to Jesus’ friends when they went to where he was buried:
“He is not here! (shake head “no”)
He has risen, (two thumbs up)
Just as He said He would!” (cup hands around mouth)
Matthew 28:6 (make book with your hands)

2. Have your family repeat each phrase of the verse after you, with motions, in any of the following ways:
• Hopping like a bunny
• As fast as possible
• Whispering
• Holding your nose
• Flapping wings like a chick



Ask your family what they want to thank God for and what they want to ask Him to do. Listen to any concerns your
child expresses without interruption. Then pray the following over your family:

• Father God, we thank You for (all the things your family mentioned).
• We also thank You for having the best plan ever — for our lives and for fixing our friendship with
• Father, we ask You for (all the things your family mentioned).
• We also ask that You would help us remember that You are always with us and that You have a good
plan for each of us.
• In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.



1. Do the activity sheets for your child to complete. Coloring Sheets

2. Here are a few more games you can play together as a family:

• Allow members of your family to take turn drawing pictures for the rest of the family to guess.
• Play “Simon Says” with the following moves, or come up with your own. *NOTE: If you are playing with
young children, it’s helpful to say, “Simon says,” before every motion.

– Wave your hands up high in the sky – Pretend to eat candy
– Flap your wings like a chick that is running – Clap your hands fast
– Give yourself a big hug because Jesus loves you – Shake out your wiggles

• Play “Would You Rather” by asking the following questions:

– Would you rather have one giant jelly bean or 50 normal-sized jelly beans?
– Would you rather have a fluffy tail or big floppy ears?
– Would you rather eat chocolate eggs or hard boiled eggs?

3. Create discussion with your older children by asking these questions:

• Why did Jesus have to die as part of God’s plan?
• Have you ever stopped to think that Jesus died on the cross and rose again all because He loves you
and wanted to save you from having to take the punishment for your own sins? How does that make
you feel?
• What is one way God’s plan and Easter impacts you?