2024 Focus: Year of Wider Faith

In our recent sermon, we embarked on a journey into the heart of what 2024 signifies for us individually and as a church community. This year, we are called to embrace a broader faith, exploring the depths of God’s agenda for our lives.

The core message revolves around the recognition that God’s ultimate goal is to establish His Kingdom on Earth. This concept is deeply rooted in principles, patterns, routines, values, and culture, as revealed from the very beginning in Genesis 1.

The challenge set before us is to become disciples, willingly embracing discipline in these values and routines. Ps Bojan introduced the concept of systems governing every aspect of life, emphasising the need to change these systems to alter undesired outcomes.

We must introspect on the systems guiding our lives and intentionally make changes to align with God’s agenda for an abundant and healthy life. Discipleship, discipline, and understanding the principles of the Kingdom were highlighted as key elements in achieving this alignment.

Being disciplined in Kingdom principles is crucial. Understanding God’s principles, patterns, and values is essential for growth. The establishment of the Kingdom begins in individual lives. Abundant life comes from establishing the Kingdom within.

2024 is declared as the Year of Wider Faith, emphasising the importance of faith as the currency of the Kingdom. The call is not just for new revelations but a continual seeking and application of timeless Kingdom truths. Our focus is on engagement, discipleship, and mission.


  • Romans 1:17 NKJV
  • Isaiah 54:2-3 NKJV
  • Matthew 11:28-30 NKJV
  • Romans 12:2 NIV

As we navigate through 2024, let us embrace the challenge to deepen our faith, widen our perspectives, and align our lives with the eternal principles of God’s Kingdom. May this year be a journey of transformation, discipline, and a flourishing relationship with the Creator.